About Us!

A little bit about us!

At the helm of British Crafters is Susan Bonnar aka Dottie.  I say at the helm like there are a team of eager helpers waiting to help, one day that would be my hope, but for now it is me with my long suffering Business Partner/General adviser husband and my 3 IT expert, web designing, social media savvy offspring! My background is having served a full career in the Royal Navy as an Air Traffic Control Officer so I am adept at juggling and multi tasking! BCHQ sits happily on the South Coast of England, 2 minutes away from the beach!

Susan Bonnar HR

British Crafters was established in January 2012. Initially to promote my own work, Dottie Designs, and to gain interest and interaction from other people within the craft industry. I soon realised that there was an enormous interest from other crafters and artists wanting to get involved; who were making amazing creations but struggling to get people to their online shops to buy them. 

A Facebook page was established, enabling people to promote their work and to interact, network and support each other. It grew rapidly to 12,000 likers in the first year, all supporting each other.

We love Twitter! Twitter is such a valuable source of promotion. I learned first hand what a positive impact it can have on sales after winning a Twitter Small Business Award from Theo Paphitis. (from Dragon's Den) British Crafters is now heading towards 50K Twitter followers! 


In the Autumn of 2013 I set up a promotional booking system where for a small fee I promoted people's work across Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and StumbleUpon. This was incredibly successful with hugely increased footfall to participating shops and many sales.

A newsletter was launched in July 2013 to keep subscribers up-to-date with our latest news and special offers.

In July 2014 our success was recognised with the Guardian giving us an Award for Marketing and PR Excellence. 


In 2015 we launched our new website which was very exciting! Sales from our promoted shops have gone from strength to strength since then with many people having to pause their promotion to catch up on their orders!


In 2017 we were very excited to be chosen as winners for Jacqueline Gold's #WOW campaign, celebrating Women in Business.

In 2018 we were thrilled to become a double winner with Theo Paphitis #sbs and are very excited to be able to meet Theo and get another photo taken!


As we head towards 2019 we continue to adapt our promotional packages to point to where the promotions have been most sucessful and converted traffic to sales.