Your Social Media and us!



Why use Social Media?

Using social media for marketing enables small businesses to reach to more customers. Your customers are interacting with brands all the time through social media, therefore, having a strong presence across all the Social Media avenues available is vital to enable your business to expand and develop.

How can we help?

As a small business owner I recognise that it is both time consuming and quite tricky to build up a presence on Social Media and to sustain interest in your brand.  Whilst you want to be creating/designing/developing new products you are involved in a daily grind of what feels like tweeting your work to nobody and preparing wonderful facebook posts that the reach of ends up being frustratingly low!

That's where we can help you!

With 47K+ Twitter followers, 25K Facebook likers and 17.5K Instagram followers we can help you to build your brand and to get your products seen far and wide around the globe.  Our Pinterest Boards are widely viewed and pinned/repinned from and we will also be tweeting links to these boards too! Not only will this bring you shop visitors and hopefully sales too but it will also increase your brand awareness and social  media presence giving you new likers and followers too!  Winner! If you are not already set up on any of these platforms then that's fine to book promotion too, we can get the shoppers to your store via our channels!  It is good to be as visible as possible though and if you would like a steer in the right direction to set up somewhere then feel free to give us a shout!


Here are a few examples of how we can really extend the reach of your work. Here are the stats for a single tweet for Witty Dawn


"Did you know you can commission a mouse by @wittydawnuk Message Dawn for more information! #britcraft #etsy #mice"

Her lovely mouse collage was certainly eye catching!



 The results were


These earrings by Eccentric Ella generated me an email from Stumble Upon when they were promoted as part of a promotion package purchased by Rene they have generated over 600 views! Wow! Not surprised they are also sold! 


Our Facebook Page works incredibly well which is definitely down to the wonderful community spirit that is ever present.  It bucks the Fb decline bacause people share, comment and like meaning that your work gets shown far and wide!  Post reach is ofter averaging at 35K and has on occasion this year almost got to 80K!


So you can see that by making us part of your plans on social media we can give you a "leg up", help you get seen and noticed, help you build your own brand awareness and grow your network!