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***No longer taking bookings - more details to follow***


This is our top level promotions package that is sure to get people to your shop, will get your shop noticed and hopefully your tills ringing madly! It will take the strain away from you having to promote your items and you can rest assured that your shop will feel invigorated! (as will you, hopefully!) Click on the image to get more detailed information about this wonderful way to kick start your promotions!

What you will get during your month of promotion!

20 Facebook showcases with link to your shop and page with image.

20 Images uploaded to British Crafters Pinterest Boards

20 Instagram shoutouts with images and links to your Ig account.

200 Tweets to your shop/page including 50 with picture images and 50 including your Twitter name.

As with all our packages we can drive people to your shop but it is up to you to make sure that all is in order when they arrive so that they are enticed to make a purchase!

Clear photographs, good product descriptions and simple postage pricings will help the shopper commit to purchasing from you!  Of course then wonderful customer service combined with a good product will not only entice them back again, (we all love repeat customers) but they will recommend you to others too!

Many of our promotion customers go on to be repeat customers.  Rosalind from Myfanwyns Appliques and MyfanwynsMakes is one of these lovely people!

"Why do I love and support British Crafters? 1 day of promotion with British Crafters costs me less than the price of a cup of coffee!! I am not sure how many of my sales are through British Crafters there is no way of telling but I do know that on a day when Susan promotes my work on Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon and Pinterest I get more views and more exposure than on any other day. If just one person spends £2.50 in my shop, with her appliques she will get my card which she could pass on to another potential customer, she could buy again (I get alot of repeat orders) and she could chat about where she got her amazing appliques to more potential customers!! Plus with my promotion in Susan's capable hands it frees up more of my time to spend on my craft. "